Mods Plus


Diversified Market Presence


• Baby Food Containers
• Powder Scoops
• Air Freshener Body/Cap
• Chocolate Containers
• Laundry Detergent Caps


• Flip-Top Caps
• Hand Sanitizer Pumps
• Child Resistant Pill Bottles


• Fragrance Caps
• Lip Stick Body/Caps
• Deodorant Body/Cap
• Mouthwash Bottle/Cap
• Hair-Dye Caps


• Flower Pots/Planters

Hot Runner Technology

Molds Plus has the experience to integrate hot runner systems to a wide assortment of molds. Hot runner technology is proven to increase the quality of the molded part, increase production, while reducing cycle times and running costs. Husky & Mold Masters are leading hot runner clients we work side-by-side with.

Molds Plus
Molds Plus is located in Mississauga, Canada designing and manufacturing multi-cavity, precision-injection molds for a diverse range of consumer and specialty products including caps, closures, medical, household, cosmetics and the packaging industry.
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